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30th August 2003: Site Updated

23rd & 24th August 2003: Further work on the elaborate menu system of the site.  Several new pages are added, new pictures are scanned.

Mid-August 2003: New articles submitted by David Schembri relating to fortifications around Qrendi.

July 2003:

14th May 2003: Further work on the menus + work on the Comino Fortifications and the inland entrenchment page.

13th May 2003: Major work on the menus of this site + updating of final work on the medals pages.

2nd Week of May 2003: Some work on the British Section of the Site

April 2003: Further work on the site at a very slow pace.

March 2003: Work on the parts concerning the fortifications of the harbour and the coastal fortification as the times of the Knights.

February 2003: Some minor work regarding the structure of the site.

January 2003: 3rd Edition of the website being beta tested using Personal Web Server

November 2002: New photographic material collected this summer is being scanned.

October 2002: A complete restructioning of Malta Military was started using NetObjects Fusion 7.

24th September 2002: Official Launching of the new Malta Military on TVM during the Afernoon Programm Stedina presented by Marbeck Spiteri and Chris Cauchi. Topics On MIRC in #Yellow: www.maltamilitary.cjb.net fuq TVM - Prosit Christian Formosa! and on #eudaimonia: Christian Formosa ihalli impressjoni tajba fuq Stedina - www.maltamilitary.cjb.net

23rd September 2002: A further massive update of the site serving as a prelude to the new launching

August 2002: Throughout this month several sites were visted to take new photos and to take not of the current situation of the existant sites.

July 2002: The 2nd Version of Malta Military is put on-line using the current layout.

April 2002: Errors in the previous design were sorted out.

March 2002: This website moved to this current server.

March 2001: Small updates on the British Section of this website.

20th January 2001: The first version of this website was put online consisting of just a small section on the British Military in Malta.

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