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Other Buildings related to the Military Presence

In Malta temporary garrisons usually found shelter in tents and wooden huts. Later during the 19th Century various barracks were built. The first camp to be built by the British was Pembroke Camp, which in reality was divided into St. George’s, St. Patrick’s, and St. Andrew’s Camps. Mtarfa Camp was built on Mtarfa ridge and it provided the necessary troops of the Victoria Lines while Littorn Barracks were constructed in Floriana. Other army camps were found near Fort Tigne and Ghajn Tuffieha.  Dead Military Personnel were usually interred in Military Cemeteries. These cemeteries are spread around Malta and most of them are found near the camps such as in Mtarfa and Pembroke.  Other cemeteries are those of Pieta and in Fort Chambray, Gozo the British had also built barracks. During the late 19th Century there were 3 military hospitals. The main one was the Sacra Infermeria in Valletta; the other one was near Zabbar Gate and Forrest Hospital was in Spinola.  The sanatorium was housed in the Magisterial Palace (today’s Museum of Natural History) in Mdina. In Bighi there was the Naval Hospital, which was built in the early 19th Century on the plans of General Whitmore.

One lesser known military building is the Mobile Radar Base found on the Ridge of Ghajn Tuffieha. A structure with a similar function but quite different in form was the Bahar ic-Caghaq Sound Mirror, called il-Widna in Maltese for its shape.

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