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1939 - 1945 Star

The 1939-1945 Star awarded to my grandfather, Tancred Formosa for his service in the British Merchant Navy during the Second World War.

1939 - 1945 Star

This star was awarded for service in the Second World War between 3 September 1939 and 2 September 1945.

The recipient was awarded this star if their service period was terminated by their death or disability due to service. Also the award of a gallantry medal or MID also produced the award of this medal, regardless of their service duration.

Royal Navy personnel had to complete 6 months service afloat in active operational areas.

Army personnel had to complete 6 months service in an operational command. Airborne troops qualified if they had participated in any airborne operations and had completed 2 months service in a fully operational unit.

RAF personnel had to participate in operations against the enemy providing that 2 months service had been completed in an operational unit. Non-aircrew personnel had to complete 6 months service in an area of operational army command.

Merchant Navy qualified if they completed 6 months service, and at least 1 voyage was made through an operational area.

Members of fighter aircraft crews who took part in the Battle of Britain (10 July to 31 October 1940) were awarded the "Battle of Britain" bar to this medal.

Source: http://www.stephen-stratford.co.uk/

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